Reasonable Care | Circeo Fannin

When “Reasonable Care” Isn’t Enough

At the heart of every premises liability case is the presumed duty of “reasonable care” by a landlord or property owner, obliging them to undertake sufficient measures to protect patrons on their property from foreseeable risks and dangers that can harm them. Reasonable care runs the gamut from risks in the landlord’s direct purview – […]

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Trucking Accident Law | Circeo Fannin

Who Is Liable in Trucking Accidents?

Let’s start from the perspective of a private driver. Each year, you’re increasingly likely to be hit by a commercial truck on the road. Even as overall deaths and injuries from motor vehicle collisions in the United States have declined, harm and fatalities involving trucks have continued a slow but steady climb. In an industry […]

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Product Liability | Circeo Fannin

How Product Liability Is Changing with Online Retailers

When you are hurt or injured by a product you bought via an online retailer, that retailer may be legally responsible. A California appeals court ruled this recently, provoking fresh thought about the scope of product liability when people are left injured by design or manufacturing negligence. Product liability law, distinct from other personal injury […]

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Negligent Security | Circeo Fannin

What to Consider When It Comes to Duty of Care and Negligent Security

In our legal system, where the law is precedent-based, external events tend to bring cases to court that test the parameters of legal areas. Negligent security is no different. The victim of a negligent security case must establish that a property owner or commercial entity has a duty of care toward anyone lawfully on their […]

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Kentucky Justice Association Webinar: Focusing on the Defendant

The Kentucky Justice Association is hosting a webinar titled Focusing on the Defendant. The event is taking place via video conference on Friday, May 8, starting at 8:30 a.m. Circeo Fannin founding partner Lisa Circeo will lead a session on Proving Corporate Liability, starting at 11:50 a.m. The event provides up to six hours of […]

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